Improving outcomes
for critically ill patients

by bringing artificial intelligence to the bedside

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About the Laboratory

Intensive care medicine is a natural habitat for artificial intelligence as large amounts of data are routinely collected during ICU treatment, such as those from devices for monitoring and life support. Our laboratory unites clinical and data science expertise to develop models and validate models as well as integrating them in clnical decision support tools and evaluate their effect on outcomes relevant for critically ill patients, right at their bedside.

The Laboratory for Critical Care Computational Intelligence is jointly led by intensivists Dr. Paul Elbers, MD, PhD, EDIC and Dr. Patrick Thoral, MD, EDIC. It is imbedded in the department of Intensive Care Medicine at Amsterdam UMC and has close ties to Amsterdam Medical Data Science and Smart Health Amsterdam. Together we aim to improve outcomes for critically ill patients by bringing artificial intelligence to the bedside.

We're hiring!

We currently have three job openings for the combined position of:

  • Researcher / Resident Intensive Care Medicine (36 hours per week)

Please see our site for more information.

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Paul Elbers,


Patrick Thoral, MD, EDIC


Prof. Mark Hoogendoorn

Core Collaborator for AI

Lucas Fleuren, MD

PhD Student

Luca Roggeveen, MD

PhD Student

Masoume Raeissi, PhD


Tingjie Guo, MSc

PhD Student

Tariq Dam, MD

PhD Student

Dagmar Ouweneel, PhD


Chris Sauer, MD

PhD Student

Harm Jan de Grooth, MD, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Armand Girbes

Senior Scientifc Advisor

Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar

Core Collaborator for AI

Ronald Driessen

Clinical IT specialist

Jan Peppink

Clinical IT specialist

Thomas Klausch

Statistical Advisor